GH4 LUMIX 4K Video Prints

I know……. I keep bragging about the LUMIX GH4 camera and the ability to shoot 4K video. But, I have told you lately about the absolutely perfect 300 DPI JPEGs that I can grab from my 4K video footage? Well, its true and it is a fact. I no longer have to shoot stills along with shooting video for my clients because I can catch a shot/print/JPEG file anywhere or time that I shoot 4K video. Stay tuned for the actual commercial shot on 4K but in the meantime, take a peak at the photos/stills below from a commercial I shot last week with my LUMIX GH4 for Dazzling Bloom Jewelry Dazzling_Bloom_Stills-2_webDazzling_Bloom_Stills_2-1_web