LUMIX vs. Canon

So…. the question I keep getting, “Is Panasonic LUMIX really better than shooting with Canon”. My answer is more complex than a simple “yes” or “no”. Take for instance, the wedding I shot this past January 2015 exclusively shooting and showing my LUMIX images. For comparison I brought along my Canon 5D. I’ve been doing this on my portrait and magazine assignments but this was a first for a wedding. and Didn’t want to miss this opportunity. For my client, I shot everything with my LUMIX GH4 with natural light and external flash because capturing that moment correctly was most important to her. But for you, I grabbed a few shots with my Canon using the Canon external flash, too. I really wanted to compare the two different flash systems and the LUMIX in low light. There has been a lot of controversy about LUMIX in low light and I was on a mission to prove that the GH4 could handle it all. And it did. I found that the Canon often was too hot (too bright) on the flash and I found that the LUMIX kicked butt in low light. A huge difference for me is that I typically carry 2-3 camera bodies with different focal length lenses. The Canon DSLR’s are heavy. Period. The LUMIX gear is light and super easy to use and costs about a 1/3 of what a Canon gear wedding photographer set-up would be these days. So all in all, I have to say “LUMIX won hands down”. Is that a “yes”,  just quality control or both?