The Prospector Theater

the_prospector1I had the best time yesterday at The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, CT. I was invited to hang out with my Hamlet Hub gal pal Kerry Ann Ducey and her team of writers. We were given the best ever tour of the magical new movie theater. The decor, lighting (even in the_prospector2the bathroom, like in the photo), and the killer amazing seats in the theater is all,  over-the- top cool. It is the kind of place you never want to leave. I am going there next week to see Fifty Shades but I am going to arrive early and have dinner with wine first. The theater has a great restaurant, gourmet popcorn, three main theaters and a private one, too. I am speaking with the Prospector about doing a series of photography workshops, so stay tuned on that. What makes the place really awesome is the people who work there. There are ushers like the old days and first class service all around. I just can’t recommend this place and the experience enough. Try it!