Shooting a Documentary

On August 4th, my production company filmed six extraordinary men that swam around Manhattan to raise awareness and funding for research towards a cure for Multiple Myeloma. If you would like to see a clip of what we shot, you can view it here.

The implications of any medical breakthroughs for the disease will likely be applicable to many other forms of cancer. Meaning, it is pivotal to the cancer community that Multiple Myeloma research is perpetually funded. The research at Mt. Sinai Hospital is currently on hold until the next federal grant is accessible. Our goal then, is to raise the funding needed to sustain research during this gap period.

I was shooting a bit of HD video with my LUMIX. I plan on giving a presentation this year again for Panasonic at the Javits Center around late October. The subject will be  on how to shoot and produce video with your mirror-less camera. I love shooting video on these as well with my Canon 7D…it brings another service that I can provide for my clients. Print/video packages are what I am shooting a lot of right now and I’m having a blast!

This photo of me above was taken by the brilliant photographer: John Fortunato

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