A Fresh New Start

I stumbled across this photo last week and it’s one of my all time favorites of Noah and our closest friend, Glenn. I shot this on Glenn’s camera in 2003 which seems ages ago because Noah has grown so much since. Glenn is 6’5 and Noah is expected to be the same. Finding it inspired me to start a new gallery in my home of my favorite black and whites. I plan on hanging nine 12×12 black frames with 10×10 black and whites of my favorite photos, including this one.

Speaking of new galleries and new things, this summer felt like a new start for me because I spent ten days throwing things out that I haven’t used in a year and giving things away that I no longer need. I feel about a gazillion pounds lighter after giving away tons of stuff that wasn’t needed by me anymore, but that someone else could use. Now I have a clean palette in my house for my new gallery idea.

This summer has been baseball everyday for Noah. And for me, I’m back to playing tennis and running. My close friends know I took about 18 months off, but this summer was all about a fresh start and that outlook helped get me back into activities I enjoy. I hope everyone has been having a great summer, even though it always goes by so fast. Anyone have fun plans for Labor Day??

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