When you’re in love….

who cares what is going on with the weather? Living in the North East and planning a wedding anytime from April-November outdoors is risky but what about the couples that never expected  for “Irene” to pay  a visit on their big day? Well, Marissa and Markus were luckily able to switch their Sunday date to the Saturday afternoon/evening before the huricanne it our Connecticut/Westchester, NY area. These newlyweds were the most easy going people I’ve worked with …and they did not seem to miss a beat with the changes in pulling off their wedding a day earlier than planned. They were married in Redding, CT on August 27th and then their reception was at Marissa’s father’s restaurant La Cremaillere in Bedford, NY.  http://www.cremaillere.com/

Congratulations to the lovely  newlyweds and their families!