Living in Narnia…..

kristenjensen0077is fun and what I keep telling my son Noah and our pup Wall-e. We will find the back door to that closet out of Narnia  in about 8 weeks and this …well this amazingly romantic winter we are having in the North East will be a thing of the past. But……for now, I’m loving it. It “is” what it “is” a very, very wise friend told me recently.  The heck with it…that is why we love living in the North East…it’s because we have changes and seasons that break up the hum-drum. Speaking of change…I do LOVE that word, CHANGE.What is up for you and your image this year? Or better yet the new decade? I think the “art” of the reinvent-ones-self is something that one must do to survive and thrive these days. The pace of technology is so fast it makes your head spin. And we know first impressions are critical. How does one stay on top of things? And what about Social Networking? Who has the time, right? For me, I decided to consolidate my  blogging to ONE blog. Heeelllloooo……what was I thinking? I love guest blogging but managing two blogs of my own was bit nutty.  Another for me is to get laser about the services  besides photography that I am currently offering clients. I am offering a comprehensive service for the development of my clients over-all aesthetic business and/or personal image. This includes not only wardrobe styling, hair and makeup. Hey…. that stuffs a given with me.  But creating a  look for my clients branding. I am now offering logo design, website design and promo video clips that showcase you and your business at it’s best. I love marketing and have a real feel for for makes people and things well………just look great. Simply put, I know my images sell, people and clients have been telling me and their friends for years. This year I plan on taking it to another level and even offering more services. This has been an organic process and a natural evolution of my work as an photographer and artist. Nothing is better than making someones life more polished and successful. I get a kick out of doing just that. If you’re ready to get started give me a call at 888-278-1011 and let’s map out a game plan. Stay warm and positive, this year is going to ROCK!