Back to School

after a rockin-summer is not so easy to do, is it? And the heat is still cranked up! Something always happens to me around this time of year…….I’m ready for a new season. Maybe it’s because I shoot outdoors most of the summer or I’m vacationed out. Even Hollywood is not soglittery in the summer  it feels different when we east-coasters (I cant believe I just wrote that!) head west in the dead of winter, doesn’t it? The contrast makes the whole thing more magical when more green is seen. Regardless, seeing my sister and nephew shown in the photo posted,  is worth everything and the memories we created with  our boys will be embedded in all our minds,  photo albums and slide shows that we will cherish for an eternity. I hope your summer has been memorable, too! Oh….news flash!!! My little guy started 4th grade this week with a fractured foot (ouch!) and a cast up to his knee the color of neon greenGREEN!!!Reminds me of my new company logo…have you seen it? My closest friends call me “KJ” so I decided to really claim it with one of my most favorite colors!

The green is inspiring and fresh! I figure every seven years or so we all need a new “look”. Speaking of new and improved looks, are you ready for your back to school make-over and new images? Skype me: Lifestylecreator1, call me:1-888-278-1011, email me: or text me: 1-917-971-6684  for an image consult.