is far more glamorous in a corporate jet….don’t you think? Well….one can dream can’t they? Sigh.

That was how I felt last week photographing Chris Wright Martell and his crew aboard this beauty. Long past are the days when I was really jet-setting all around the world. (Does the name ‘Pan Am’ ring a bell?) Do I miss it? Yes and no. I miss the quiet reading time, for sure, but otherwise, business travel is not that much fun and is certainly not always glamorous, especially these days.

Speaking of travel …what are your summer travel plans? My little guy (8 years old) really wants to hit Paris. He has his sights set on the Eiffel Tower ..why not dream big? My sister wants us to join her out at the Grand Canyon. My mother wants us to visit the Northwest, and my father has invited us down South. How can we be all the places we want to be without our Lear jet? My anwser these days? Can you say SKYPE ( boys and girls?

BTW….I am using SKYPE for conference calls and consults. It is awesome. My handle is: lifestylecreator1 Skype me anytime!