My lifestyle blog is an open door to…

your new world. Speaking of doors, what do you think of my new yellow front door? A cheery way to banish the blahs of winter and welcome in a fresh new season.

Ok–it’s time to dish on the real deal about what I’m doing and planning for the future. For the full scoop, you’ll need to tune in to upcoming episodes of KJL. But first things first…this whole thing started because I’m a single mom living in the ‘burbs. Wow…I said it! I did not ever picture myself as being “single in the suburbs.” However, I am not alone. From what I gather, there are about 90 million single women between the ages of 18 and 80 out there ( ). We’re everywhere, and we have NEEDS (mind OUT of the gutter, silly!)…one of which is the need to know how to look our best. We want to step out of our jazzy yellow (or red, blue, white, green, or pink) front doors and know that we’re putting our best, most stylishly shod foot forward into the bright new world, each and every day. So, I”m here to help. I can help you discover your unique style…then look it, live it, and love it–at work and at home.

Whatever made me decide to do this? Well, when people hire me as their photographer, I meet with them first to review outfits, hairstyle, and makeup. I was surprised at the number of men and women who needed help in this department. I mean, we really can’t see the forest for the trees, can we? When we live with ourselves every day, it can be hard to break out of old patterns and to  know exactly what look suits us best. But that’s “where I live,” so to speak–a skill cultivated from years of modeling and being on both sides of the lens.

There can be many reasons to want a makeover.Perhaps you are changing jobs or careers, and your old look doesn’t suit your new environment. You might be starting to date, and want to make sure you look hip and cool (such a confidence builder, right?). Maybe all those hours in the gym have paid off and you want to show off a bit. Why not? You’ve earned it! Changing or refreshing your look is like painting your front door with the change of season–it’s invigorating, exciting, and opens your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Oh, and guys–you’re welcome to join us any time!