Keeping Family Traditions…

has been a bit challenging for me and my son, Noah, because my entire family is spread out–most of my relatives are peppered along the West Coast, but a few live down South, too. Now, while I can’t choose my family, I do get to choose my friends (hallelujah!).  My dear friends, the Goodmans, invited Noah and me to join them in yet another awesome Passover seder this week. The Jewish traditions are really interesting, and I love to be able to share them with my little guy.

When I was a kid, Easter was a huge deal in my family. The bunny was very clever, and made the egg-hunt super cool with lots of notes, containing clues leading to the big basket, inside the eggs. Fast-forward more than a few egg hunts. My sister and her son Oskar are flying in from LA tomorrow, and I’ve been running around searching for the perfect Easter bunny gifts for our 8-year-old boys. After much back-and-forth, we decided on matching pogo sticks from Toys R Us! These will provide a terrific way for those boys to burn up some energy so they can settle down to dinner. Since I”m not really a big ham…person (ha-ha!), we’re opting for prime rib. And, if the weather man is right, the bunny will hide eggs and treats outside this year. Which means I’ve been on a spring cleaning binge all this past week.

My close friends and family all know what a crazed neat-nick I am. Hal, my life-coach, asked me to do an exercise this week. “Kristen, try leaving the dishes in the sink for a couple of days,” he advised. What??!!! I am exploring new unchartered stuff with Hal that will result in some really cool art…..all coming soon! But the “leave your house a mess for a few days” exercise is one of those “digging deeper” exercises that I find to be especially tough. In fact, I could not do it (sorry, Hal!).  I lasted one day with dirty dishes. Enough!! So, do you know about this super duper dust buster that I found online? Check it out: I love it! It’s amazing to discover what makes me happy! Guess you could say that it doesn’t take much…

Speaking of happy……My mother snapped this photo of us (above) one Easter Sunday (circa 1970’s something) and she just emailed this song called sisters that makes me smile every-time I hear it:

I hope you smiled listening to the song and have something fun planned for Easter, too!

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