Rao’s Restaurant…..

is my kinda place. The only restaurant I’ve ever been to that tells you what you’re gonna eat, and you’re thrilled with what is served! The service is the best! The food is outstanding and the “host with the most”–the one-and-only Frank Pellegrino (owner)–is the best on the planet. Singing with Frank always tops off a great night at Rao’s.  I don’t think there could be an off night…at least, I have yet to see it.

While out and about yesterday, I dropped in on Michelle at Ink (fine stationary…oh Michelle, where is your site??).  I wanted to check out her shop interior and wall space, because I”m  thinking of hanging a HUGE colorful photograph on her back wall. The first thing she said was “Hey, you’re in Rao’s cookbook!”. I was floored, because this is the first time anyone has ever mentioned seeing my name in the book. Well, you can imagine the curiosity about Rao’s ….and then she said that “Larry” was mentioned, too. Of course, I go to Rao’s with Larry, it’s his second home. I’m thrilled when he invites me and friends to dinner…it’s always memorable. Only one glitch…expect to wait about a year on the wait list to get a table!

Check out Rao’s Cookbook:


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