I really know Spring is coming….

Because Lowe’s  http://www.lowes.com/ has their garden center open!! Yippie…..I can feel it, can’t you? This is HUGE for us New Englanders after suffering through a long, cold winter. As my farewell gesture to the season, I decided on a field trip to Lowe’s to buy some paint for my living room. I figured I’ll be using the room for only about another month, so might as well make it perfect now. Make sense? I didn’t think so! It must have been the email from Olga Adler  http://www.olgaadlerinteriors.com/ last week that inspired me to paint. She has a remarkable way of doing that to everybody she encounters. Well…. between shooting, biking, gardening, and blogging outdoors whenever I can, I won’t be stepping inside that room again for a while, but what the heck–it will be ready for the fall.

Spring is also the  time to think about the patio furniture…now! If you wait, all the good stuff will be gone. I went to Pier One  http://www.pier1.com/….they have a bunch of great things right now, including fantastic Easter decorations. As you know, I’ve been on the “nutty YELLOW craze” and I almost bought a huge (about a foot high) yellow chickie. I know that’s really weird but I seriously thought about it for a minute …..which was a little scary.  I was actually  looking for pillows in a perfect shade of yellow…not an easy find. If you run across any, would you email them to me?   Thanks for the minute!

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