Eyes are windows to the soul

And….mine are closed (for a minute) dreaming of beautiful things…thinking positive and happy thoughts. What would life be like if we never daydreamed? What a bore! It takes dreams and people to make the wildest imaginings become reality. I like to keep all the senses alive and thriving. I find that the delicate art of balancing the senses can be challenging, though! ¬†Part of my soul food routine is to surround myself with beautiful things to gaze at, fresh tiger lilies to smell, soft cozy slippers to cradle my feet, and yummy pistachios and almonds to munch on throughout the day. These things feed my soul, but nothing helps as much as prayer and meditation. I think Yoga is one one of the best things God ever invented. They (who ever “they” are) should have yoga, prayer and meditation as part of the academic curriculum for children. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have those skills and coping mechanisms going forward into adult life? My 8-year old son and I were in Venice, California last month visiting my sister and her 8- year-old son. We had too much fun for words. The minute I landed in California, my heart went pitter-patter….ahhhh home. I photographed my sister’s art collection one afternoon, and paused for a moment to snap this picture of the two of us looking into the mirror at one of her favorite paintings. A brief, perfect moment, captured forever in time. Food for thought, huh? Please share yours…..

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