Olga Adler Interiors

blog0002-webThis Olga Adler, the most beautiful interior designer I’ve ever seen. She is lovely, warm and her sense of style is visible the second you meet her and she says, “hello”….

Not sure if it’s just her sexy accent, her style of clothing and/or her very decisive sense of knowing exactly what she wants.

I love that quality in a person, straight to the point …. with loads of charm. I quickly picked her brain on what color I should paint my dinning room and where and what sisal carpet I should get for my living room. She thinks a bit of “animal” should be in every room…..I chimmed in.. “what about personalities?…ya know….the animal part?”   Awww…come on…it was worth a giggle, right? grrrr

Call Olga Adler at: 203-438-4743

Check her out on: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Email her at: olgaadlerinteriors.com


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